Are you in need of fire extinguisher service? Has the fire department, your insurance company or Cal OSHA told you that you need your fire extinguisher serviced? Has your extinguisher been inspected recently? Let us help you to determine what your fire extinguisher needs are and how to keep you in compliance.

Every fire extinguisher required by any government statue, ordinance or regulation shall conform to the provisions of Article 6 Section 13160 of the Health and Safety Code.


  • Frequency of Inspection – Initially done when the extinguisher is placed into service. Thereafter extinguishers shall be manually inspected at least monthly by the building owner, occupant, or his/her authorized agent.
  • Manual inspection of the extinguisher will include but not limited to:
    • Extinguisher is located in designated places
    • No obstructions to access or visibility
    • No evidence of physical damage, leakage, corrosion or clogged nozzle
    • Safety seals are not broken or missing
    • Pressure gauge reading in operable range or position
    • Fullness determined by weighing or hefting


Servicing which includes maintenance, recharging and hydrostatic testing shall be performed by companies licensed by the State Fire Marshal.

    Fire extinguisher shall have certified maintenance annually or immediately after use or when specifically indicated by an inspection.
    Stored pressure dry chemical fire extinguishers must be discharged, dissembled, and internally inspected for corrosion and/or contamination every 6 years or after use of the extinguisher (every year if the extinguisher is stored in a vehicle). A service collar will be placed on the neck of the extinguisher indicating the date of service.Other types of extinguishers such as wet chemical, co2 or foam may be maintained at intervals as directed by manufacturer recommendations.
    Hydrostatic testing is required every 12 years for stored pressure dry chemical fire extinguishers (every 5 years if the extinguisher is stored in a vehicle). Labels are attached to the extinguisher indicating the year of testing. If no label is found, then you need to look on the manufacturer’s label for the date of manufacture to determine if the extinguisher needs to be hydrostatic tested.


We also offer installation of extinguishers, cabinets and other misc. items.