How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

Using a Fire Extinguisher:
To help you remember how to use an extinguisher, use the acronym PASS:

  • Pull the extinguisher ‘s safety pin.
  • Aim the chemical at the source of the flames rather than at the flames themselves, standing at least 6 feet from the fire.
  • Squeeze the trigger and hold it, keeping the extinguisher upright.
  • Sweep the source of the flames until the extinguisher runs dry.


Fire Extinguisher Inspection Ontario CA

Fire Extinguisher INSPECTION in CA:
Frequency of Inspection – Initially done when the extinguisher is placed into service. Thereafter extinguishers shall be manually inspected at least monthly by the building owner, occupant, or his/her authorized agent.
Manual inspection of the extinguisher will include but not limited to:

  • Extinguisher is located in designated places
  • No obstructions to access or visibility
  • No evidence of physical damage, leakage, corrosion or clogged nozzle
  • Safety seals are not broken or missing
  • Pressure gauge reading in operable range or position
  • Fullness determined by weighing or hefting

Fire Extinguisher Service and Training – Ontario CA

Fire Extinguisher Training and Service Experts in Ontario CA.

What’s your plan when a fire breaks out? Have your employees been trained on the proper response to a fire/emergency event?

In our short 60 minute classes our instructor will provide your employees the following:

Classroom instruction on

  • What to do before a fire starts
  • What to do when a fire occurs
  • The classes of fires
  • Types of fire extinguishers
  • How to use a portable fire extinguisher

A 17 minute video by NFPA that covers the use of portable fire extinguishers will be shown to reinforce the instruction.

Handouts will be provided for future reference.

A live fire extinguisher demonstration will be performed by the instructor. Employees will have the opportunity to have “hands on” portable fire extinguisher training under the guidance of the instructor.

Contact Ontario Fire Extinguishers today to schedule your training or service.